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Then I started doing acid

& it became fun again...

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Name:gonna laugh at this one day
Birthdate:Apr 23, 1984

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alternative, anne rice's vampire chronicles, anti-capitalism, anti-pants, anti-remakes, art, asians appropriating black culture, basking in reflected glory, being a tease, being nude, breaking benjamin, british comedy, broadway musicals, chaos, cheese, conflict, conversation, creativity, dark humor, democracy, dionysus, disarming naivety, diy, eavesdropping, ethics, faith, fantasy, feminism, filmmaking, free will, friedrich nietzshe, friends, girls, gothic literature, guard dogs, h.p.lovecraft, humanity sucks, inside jokes, irony, jews, joss whedon, lesbian sex, lgbtq pride, liberalism, life, lord byron, loving my body, lyrics, making fun of assholes, marquis de sade, mary shelley, matchbox 20, mel brooks, metal, misogynistic assholes, mother nature is pissed, movies, music, mystery, nerds, nico, novel ideas, objectivity, oz, pervy punch, puns, queer as folk, quentin tarantino, realism, rolling stones, romanticism, ron howard, sacrifice, satire, serial killers, shippers united, silver, simpsons, smackover, south park, steampunk, steven spielberg, suspense, the british invasion, the moody blues, the under dog, the who, tim burton being original, tragedy, u2, united kingdom, velvet underground, vice, writing
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